Designing a WOW factor front entrance

Designing a WOW factor front entrance

No matter what style your home is, the entrance makes a statement. Today’s homes have a greater focus on the front door area than ever before and what’s just inside that door is equally important for making a compelling impression.

Front doors can be solid for privacy or feature extensive glass to give an open, inviting feel while letting in light. Some choose vintage doors while others prefer iron embellishments or a rustic feel. Whatever your taste, there is a door for you that will set the tone for your living space.

Plan your entryway by utilizing the space in the most efficient and effective way. While some people prefer a wide-open space with sophisticated decor, others want a more lived-in feel catered to their family. Smart storage solutions, a closet, a quaint bench seat and a tall mirror for the appearance of a larger entryway can all help create a more usable space.

Need a place to hide shoes, umbrellas and even sports equipment? A custom storage solution just right for your family can be built in. A closet or a hook rack can be ideal for coats, boots and hats. Some people enjoy displaying their things – like a cowboy hat collection – and some like everything hidden away. Just choose your preference.

A seat in the foyer is ideal for taking off shoes and boots, creating a comfortable stopping place for family and guests. Other furniture can help you define the space. Consider open shelving, decorative decor or artwork to set your entrance apart. Look up. You probably have room to use some upper wall space too. A wall hanging might be just right to add drama.

Lighting can make a bold statement in a room and the foyer is no exception. Today’s options are limitless and can be a modern piece of lighting art, antique chandelier or a large farmhouse lantern…. and anything in between. It’s fun to select just the right lighting to add both light and interest. Don’t forget that today’s designers mix metals and finishes, so get creative!

Your front door and foyer will set the personality of your home. So, think through what you want to say with your selections, then enjoy welcoming friends and family with a first impression that suits your style. Creating your dream home, inside and out, is just a phone call to Walker Residential away!

Designing a WOW factor front entrance

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