Thinking Through Creative Garage Design

Thinking Through Creative Garage Design

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Whether you’re planning a place to store your boat or build your next wood project, planning for your lifestyle needs to include your garage. And today, garages have lots of interesting options to consider.


What is the biggest “wow factor” in a garage? Lighting! A bright garage will make the garage easier to navigate and create a bright and cheerful mood. Overhead lights are often LED fixtures with a cool temperature color. Keep the ceiling and upper wall paint light if you want to reflect more light. And don’t forget to plan for lighting a workbench, tool displays or shelving and cabinetry areas.

Speaking of cabinetry, closed wall cabinets are gaining popularity and can add a clean, tailored look. Open shelving becomes disorganized quickly so unless you are a neat freak, go for storage with doors. Think about what you store most and design the built-ins for paint cans, toolboxes, sports equipment, camping gear or whatever suits your lifestyle. To make a garage feel warmer, you can even paint a chest of drawers and add pulls – like a black chest with chrome hardware – for special storage to protect hobby supplies. 


The flooring options are vast, so select polished concrete, epoxy, vinyl tile, rubber mats or custom stone. The key is choosing a material that is both durable and will enhance the look of the space. Selecting the right flooring to fit your needs may lead you to consider your priorities, such as showcasing your cars, storing your children’s outdoor toys, or maybe installing a home gym.

Some people want a theme in their garage, making the space more personable with special decor. Lighted and metal car signs near a vintage gas pump, a hunting theme or a sports center all conjure ideas for not only wall decor, but also layout. Add a place to hang items, a bike wall mount, motorcycle mat, a closet for athletic gear or even a separate space for tools and a workshop. There are creative ways to keep the garage pristine with advanced planning.

Walker Residential will help you with the floorplan, proper ventilation, electricity (don’t forget space for a TV near the workbench!), fixtures and built-ins. Brainstorm with our trusted builder, Russ Walker, and you’ll create a space that relates to your style and will offer years of enjoyment.

Thinking Through Creative Garage Design

October in Houston:

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October 2nd
7700 San Felipe Street


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October 9-10th
Ellington Airport

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