Pushing the envelope - to be the best

Pushing the envelope - to be the best

Let’s talk about a term that you may have heard builders use before and how it helps create a better final product.

The “building envelope” (sometimes called “the enclosure”) includes the parts of your home that separate the interior from the exterior. Simply put, it’s the material, assembly and systems that contain the house – like the roof system, windows, doors, below-grade walls and base floor system. Interior partitions can also be counted in the building envelope when they separate zones related to temperature or humidity, for instance. Attics or crawl spaces may be counted too. 

The importance of the envelope comes into play when considering the proper HVAC system, for instance, but it also plays a role in energy efficiency, humidity control, odor control and securing the house from the elements and pests. The building envelope is a significant factor in providing the overall comfort of your home. The water, air, thermal and vapor control in the envelope is critical to the quality of the home and therefore, a priority for homes built by Walker Residential.

While most of our customers focus on what their house will look like, our team of professionals make sure the function and energy efficiency get equal attention. Often referred to as the six-sided envelope, the four walls, roof and foundation are significant in establishing a well-built home. The building envelope is a crucial element in the high-performance construction offered by our company. Be assured, the structure will be solid and the home will last a wonderful lifetime. We provide you with all the information and walk you through important concepts such as this because the more you know the better you will feel about a partnership with Walker Residential.

As always, please call us with any questions you have regarding the home building process and how to get started!

Pushing the envelope - to be the best

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