New Single Family Luxury Home Construction Houston, TX

Avoid the low inventory, competitive market with a custom build by Walker Residential

Houston just moved into the number one spot for new home permits, eclipsing all other cities in the US over the past year. In fact, Houston’s 27,000+ new permits exceeded the number issued in the whole state of California.

Why is that significant to you? Because these new permits represent thousands of people who are tired of looking for a home and getting outbid in today’s competitive market. They have realized they can have it all – the home of their dreams with every detail selected to suit their tastes – and never have to worry that someone else will snatch it out from under them. 

They are living with peace of mind and anticipating a home that will be exactly what they wanted. No remodeling. No hassle. No settling.

What has created this perfect time to build? 

Houston has added more than 100,000 jobs in the last year and Houston’s major employers are planning to double that number in their workforce. That large increase in new jobs puts Houstonians in the heart of a housing battle for every home. This is why now is the perfect time to start your very own custom build.

The advantages of a custom build:

  • Budget is a key benefit of building. Select your budget and never worry that a bidding war will change the price. 
  • Design your own home and be confident in every aspect of the look and feel of your new environment. The style of the home, the colors and textures inside, the finishes you desire…. everything will be your dream come true.  Your home will reflect your personality, your interests and your sense of home. 
  • Location is the final benefit. Where do you want to live? What area is near your work, your friends, your church or your family members? Do you want a large lot or a more manageable size? Do you prefer a neighborhood or living a more secluded life? It’s all in your hands. We can even help you decide by sharing available land and lots.

When existing inventory is low, get out of the bidding war and relax. Select your budget, design and location and you’re on the way to creating your ideal home. And Walker Residential will help you get there! Call us today!


April events in Houston:

Texas Crawfish & Turkey Leg Festival
April 17th
First Outreach
4603 West Orem Houston, TX

Annual Houston Fishing Show
April 14-18th
George R. Brown Convention Center

Earth Day Festival
April 24th
7330 Ashcroft Drive Houston, TX

New Single Family Luxury Home Construction Houston, TX

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