Bathrooms - another "living space"

Bathrooms - Another "Living Space"

The adage that says “kitchens and bathrooms sell a house” couldn’t be truer today. With the latest technology and design invading those traditional spaces, planning ahead for innovative features will bring you years of enjoyment.

This month, we are highlighting the latest in bathroom features (if you missed kitchen innovations, check last month’s blog). Homebuilders are viewing bathrooms as spaces where people spend a lot of time, so why not create a spa-like feel? Whether you’re thinking of a flat-screen TV for viewing a movie while relaxing in your soaking tub or closing your eyes to be enveloped by surround sound, technology in the bathroom is always a good idea. Homeowners who choose a freestanding tub often do so because of its unique luxury appearance and the flexibility of how the bathroom is laid out.

You can add a wet room with the shower and tub in one enclosed area or a steam room for improved circulation, stress reduction, skin health, relief from congestion, and workout recovery. Beautiful fixtures like multiple body sprayers, built-in shampoo and soap dispensers, plus a taller (more comfortable) toilet are also on the list to consider. These seemingly small upgrades can make a world of difference in creating a luxurious oasis in your own home.

Want to keep going? Adding a fireplace will create a cozy retreat. And don’t forget a chandelier to add ambiance or choose recessed lighting to complement other wall fixtures. The decorative touches, cabinet finishes and wall color should also be considered in pulling the room together. We recommend starting with a color pallet you like and then make coordinating selections.

Finally, the flooring is critical to the overall design. Ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, laminated, vinyl or engineered can all be considered for bathrooms – the options are endless. And don’t forget the possibility of adding a heating system in your flooring (and for your towel rack too!). No doubt, you can find exactly the right flooring to give a beautiful foundation to your bathroom. Choose to make a statement with flooring design or provide a subtle backdrop for other outstanding features like stunning cabinets.

These interior selection ideas will help you think through your process of choosing elements for your unique style and color preferences. And as always, Walker Residential will help you build your dream home with bathrooms that “wow” and add value and grandeur.

Bathrooms - another "living space"

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