Incorporating The Innovative Features Of Your Dreams

Incorporating the Innovative Features of Your Dreams

What makes your home special? Customizing it! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Now, new innovations in appliances can make your new house a convenient and enjoyable place to be. Take a look at the newest trends that make your sanctuary unique and enjoyable.

Did you know the latest kitchen ideas include extra-wide ovens, pantries embedded with refrigerators and even wine dispensers? Let’s look at a few hot items you can add to your home to take your design to the next level.

Whether you’re baking cookies or catering to a large family, extra-wide ovens can offer ease in cooking with a 90cm wide door. You can even get a wide opening in a narrower height. If you like a lot of space, some ovens advertise 5 cubic feet of area, plenty of room for a large group dinner or functioning well for an avid baker. The latest technology can also feature ovens with eyes – sporting an HD camera that lets you see the top of your food. You can get ovens with an app that allows you to monitor your cooking by phone and ovens with computers that promise to cook better than you do!

Some new home buyers really want a “sleek look” and don’t like seeing a large refrigerator that takes up a lot of space. Solution? Put the appliance in your walk-in pantry. Granted, you need a large pantry, but it hides the biggest appliance and can give you more space in your kitchen. Hint: Refrigerators in pantries work best with open pantries (like a side room) off the kitchen or with pantries that stay open with barn doors, for instance. Also, owners with this setup love going to one space to unload groceries!

Another innovation for the kitchen area is the wine dispenser. Some hold several bottles and even tell you what kind of wine is being dispensed. The dispensers eliminate waste, keep wine at the right temperature and enhance the “wine experience”. A wide range of options are available in many price ranges, but owners love the preservation feature and being able to get a small amount without disturbing the rest of the bottle.

Smart homes are changing and it’s entertaining to research ways to make your new construction just right for you, your family and your guests. Ask our team at Walker Residential for more ideas and creative ways to elevate your design. 

Incorporating The Innovative Features Of Your Dreams

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